AdsNative: Growing with Flexibility in Mind

Find out how AdsNative opened a Class A satellite office in NYC without signing a lease

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Founded in 2013, AdsNative is a native advertising platform which allows publishers and developers to sell unique ad formats that flow seamlessly into content. The company is based in San Francisco, but in 2014 decided to open a satellite office across in the country in NYC.

When Brad Thorson was tasked with finding and opening the new office, he knew relatively little about the city, but was excited for the challenge. 

Initially, Brad set up shop at WeWork. The coworking space provided a convenient place to set his computer down during the day, but after adding a few team members, he soon realized his company would need to find an office in which to feel “at-home.”

“At first, I thought I’d be fine with a desk in a pit. But eventually, we grew by a few more people and coworking just wasn’t the vibe I wanted. There’s a high turnover and the space just doesn’t feel like your own. I knew we needed someplace where we could lay down some roots and start to establish a presence. We needed an address we could be proud of!”

As a startup veteran, Brad realized he needed to be cautious when starting his search for office space. He had seen far too many companies make lethal real estate decisions early on in their growth, and didn’t want to follow suit.

“Many startups take on more space than they need, in an effort to build their image, but end up burning through their resources way too quickly.”

While AdsNative needed a quality satellite office to grow their NYC presence and continue to build their brand, the risks of signing a lease or sublease while their growth plan was still uncertain felt too risky to Brad.

Not to mention, the company wanted to fully direct the energy and momentum they had already built up toward vital projects, not moving and setting up basic office amenities. And as a small team taking the next step after coworking, they needed a supportive and lively environment. 

“I didn’t want to lose momentum by moving into an office by ourselves, we needed to feed off of the focus and organization of a more established corporation while staying inspired by the ‘hungry’ startups also sharing the space.”

Ultimately, office sharing provided the best solution.

Through PivotDesk’s online marketplace, Brad was able to find Class A space with host company, Collective, in less than 24 hours. As an added perk, Brad felt that working side by side with Collective, a leader in ad-tech with offices around the world, would be an  excellent motivator.

Now, Brad says, AdsNative gets the benefit of working in a beautiful building, without the day-to-day hassles of having a lease and maintaining an office.

“The little things that come along with leasing an office, like ordering paper, stocking the pantry and dealing with utilities, are just too much for a young startup. When you hire young, driven talent, you want them to be able to focus on growing the business, not calling the plumber.”

When the process was finished, Brad says he couldn’t quite believe how easy it had been.

“Being able to identify 3 great options in 15 minutes and schedule tours, saved me countless hours. With our SF location, we spent weeks meeting with brokers and touring spaces. Often, we’d show up for a tour with a broker and realize the space met none of our needs. We simply didn’t have time to do that again.”

AdsNative now has offices in San Francisco, New York City and India. For a growing business, flexibility is crucial. With month-to-month contracts AdsNative can focus on growing their satellite office in NYC without worrying about the legal risks of signing a long-term lease.

Aside from a beautiful Class A space, the ad-tech firm is excited to be working in the same office as a company that inspires them.

“Right now, we’re still figuring out how to operate on two coasts, so, it’s invaluable to be able to work side by side with such a successful company in our own industry, and learn from how they operate on multiple continents.”

How PivotDesk works

When San Francisco based ad-tech firm, AdsNative, set out to open a satellite office in NYC, they quickly realized the challenge that faced them: NYC office space is costly and tough to come by. Keenly aware that many startups tank after making reckless real estate decisions early on, they chose to embrace flexibility. AdsNative booked a high-end office through PivotDesk, allowing them to grow at the right pace, with all the benefits and convenience of a Class A space.

The publisher relations lead at the time, Brad Thorson, tells us their story here:

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