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David Mandell
Co-Founder and CEO of PivotDesk
Alex Shamy
Head of Growth at KISI


"I've learned a lot in business through trial and error, but when it comes to moving your office, trial and error is simply too much of a risk. You can't afford to get it wrong. We're going to show you how to get it right...the first time."

"There are a lot of little 'what if's' you have to account for when moving your office...and it's all those little uncertainties that can add up to really damage a business in a short amount of time. We're doing our best to help take care of the 'what if's'"

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Simonne Hurse, Business Development at Meural
Anis Attarwala, CEO at Adomee

"The ability to create an open and honest environment for dialogue is something that David carries with him, no matter the setting"

"The fact that listening to David helped me reevaluate my approach to a product launch has made me want to come back again and again to see what else I can learn from him."  

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About The Webinar

Moving your business to a new office is never an easy task. Finding the space itself is a tough process but that’s only half the battle. Once the lease is signed, you have to worry about:

  1. Structuring the space to support your team after you move in
  2. Strategizing a smooth transition so as to not hinder their performance

There’s a lot of room for error — and at this stage, even the smallest mistakes will cost you. If you’re planning a move or foresee one in the future, spare yourself the stress!

Join PivotDesk Co-Founder & CEO, David Mandell for a detailed rundown of everything you need to know to effectively plan for and execute a seamless move.

We’re bringing on KISI Head of Growth,  Alex Shamy, for a discussion on:

  1. What you need to look for in a space to ensure it will be fully functional for your team BEFORE signing a lease

  2. The most common oversights in planning a move that will hurt your business (and how to avoid them!)

  3. Top tricks for a SEAMLESS move so you don’t risk distracting your team during the transition

  4. The best apps for setting up a ‘smart’ office that will excite your team, potential talent and clients

  5. How to quickly re-establish company culture in your new space post move


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Recording: Structuring a Smooth Move

The top mistakes businesses make when preparing to move offices and how to avoid them.

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Looking for some ways to reward your team post-move?

Stay tuned until the end of the recording for instructions on how to receive a FREE discount bundle to some of our favorite office perk providers including Hooch, Exubrancy and Mercato

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